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SICAF as a Benchmark for Indonesian Student

SICAF International Film Festival 2017 finally announced Release from Heaven by Ali Noori Oskouei from Iran as the grandprize winner of the year. The same category as what was achieved by Battle of Surabaya in 2016.


There are three unique phenomena from the winning of Release from Heaven. First, Release from heaven talks about war, which is by accident is similar to Battle of Surabaya. Second, the studios of both films are from two countries which were not really count as strong competitors. Third, Ali Noori Oskouei the creator had visited MSV Pictures few years ago.


Apart from the three coincidences, Aryanto Yuniawan, one of the juries of SICAF 2017, revealed that there were so many participants whose animation quality was magnificent though they were still students. “Indonesian students should make SICAF as a benchmark for their career in international animation” he suggested.


As seen on the picture, Aryanto Yuniawan is enjoying reading in Starfield Library. This library –owning more than 50.000 books, is located in Coex Mall, the biggest underground mall in Asia. Located in the heart of Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea, this mall was the venue of SICAF 2017.

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