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Professor Suyanto, the Figure of Change 2017

Republika held the acclaimed Figure of Change 2017 award in Djakarta Theatre, Central Jakarta, on Tuesday, 25 April 2017. This annual event is held by the biggest Moslem community media in Indonesia to honor excellence to the figures of change who encourage breakthrough ideas in different aspects.

Last year’s Chief of the Committee, Subroto, revealed that the process of selecting the figure of change itself is started by considering recommendations which is addressed to the Chief of Republika. Those recommendations come from many elements of the society, such as civil worker, entrepreneur, society figure,

Professor Suyanto is one of the awardees of the Figure of Change 2017 award due to his role in Indonesian animation development. His effort of encouraging animation development in Indonesia has been acknowledged internationally. One of his movies is Battle of Surabaya.

He presents this award to his wife, his children and the family of Amikom University.

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