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Aryanto Yuniawan Assessed the Competency Test in SMK Syubbanul Wathon Magelang

Aryanto Yuniawan, the director of Battle of Surabaya and the CEO of MSV Pictures, last Saturday 25 February 2017 became the assessor of competency test for multimedia study program held by SMK Syubbanul Wathon, Tegalrejo, Magelang.

Not only assessed the competency test, Aryanto Yuniawan and the headmaster also discussed about roadmap for the development of multimedia study program in SMK Syubbanul Wathon. This islamic-based vocational school offers two kinds of study programs; multimedia and TKJ (technology, communication and network) since the focus is on IT (Information Technology).

This vocational school becomes one of the references for other vocational schools in Indonesia because of its significant progress. In five years, SMK Syubbanul Wathon has succeeded of making Islamic values as the core of the school which is also combined with the curriculum of vocational school.

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