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The Excitement of Playgroup and Kindergarten Kids on Watching “Battle of Surabaya”

Students of Budi Mulia 2 Playgroup and Kindergarten visited MSV Pictures as one of their school outing agendas on 21 February 2017 for Battle of Surabaya screening.“This visit is to introduce Battle of Surabaya as an animation movie containing nationality values which is better for kids rather than TV shows and other short movies that are not suitable for them,” told Warjiyem, Playgroup teacher and the outing coordinator.About 272 students and teachers are divided into two sessions for the screening, which are morning and afternoon. The presence of Musa mascot got the most attention from the three- and four-year-old students as they gathered around him before the movie was played.“The students seemed really happy and excited to see the movie. We all as the teachers are also glad and impressed by the warm welcome we got here”, Warjiyem added.

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