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Baros International Animation Festival 2016

MSV Pictures participated in Baros International Animation Festival (BIAF), an annual event held by the Government of Cimahi in association with Cimahi Creative Association (CAA), on November 17-20th 2016 located in Cimahi Technopark, West Java. Making the Battle of Surabaya the Series as the star in its booth, MSV Pictures successfully caught visitors attention during the event.

The goal of this event is to build strong identity of Cimahi as Indonesia animation center. Baros International Animation Festival (BIAF) is where the stakeholders from showbiz industry come together, including animation studios, game developers, comic artists, illustrators, media, agencies, software developers, IT industry developers, and animation lovers’ communities.

 This year’s BIAF was a little different from that of last year’s. Before the event was held, a roadshow to seven cities was conducted to publicize BIAF 2016 itself. The seven cities were Baros Cimahi, Tasikmalaya, Purwokerto, Yogyakarta, Solo, Semarang and Kudus started from November 2nd.

“The roadshow is to advertise BIAF 2016 itself, and build a good relationship with Universities in developing human resource in animation”, said the Chairman of Cimahi Creative Association (CAA), Rudy Sutedja, on October 4th 2016.


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