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Aryanto Yuniawan on IKJ Artist Talk

Artist Talk held by visual communication design of Jakarta Art Institute (IKJ) on November 7th, 2016 presented Mr.Aryanto Yuniawan, the director of Battle of Surabaya the movie, as the speaker. This event was conducted in IKJ Art Gallery at 10.00-12.00 a.m.

As it is a routine program of the department, IKJ invites experts for Artist Talk in order to give their students global picture and sharpen their skill for competing in creative industry.

Although Battle of Surabaya the movie is one of the successful products on intellectual property business, Indonesia has not ready for this business trend nowadays, as shown by Disney through MPAA research data on established business. It proves that Indonesia still manages to catch up with leading countries of this business, such as England, Korea, Japan and China. It is predicted by 2020 Indonesia can be one of the top countries in intellectual property business.

Mr. Aryanto Yuniawan employed the process of distributing Battle of Surabaya the movie as a case study presented in the event. The distribution process which is in cooperation with American distributor is expected to aspire and encourage the participants to create better intellectual property business.

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