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Inspiring and Networking with Communitea

MSV Pictures took part in Communitea’s event on November 11th, 2016 in commemorating the national heroes day. This event also brought together some communities in Yogyakarta—Jtoku, Animal Friends Jogja and Night at the Museum, through sharing session which was held in Museum Sandi started from 6 p.m.

In this opportunity, MSV talked about creativity and nationalism in animation. Mr. Heri Soelistyo, Agung Nugroho and Dewa Made, as the representatives of MSV Pictures, shared their experience in making animation movies and gave the global picture of animation development in Indonesia nowadays. Moreover, Battle of Surabaya the Series was also shown in this event as one of the ongoing projects of MSV. The participants of the event were not from the communities taking part alone, but also those apart from the communities.

Communitea itself was found by some youth from different communities when they had a conversation while enjoying their tea. As the nature of social creature, socializing is important. People with similar interest join certain communities and if those communities are engaged together, it will create a great synergy which already possessed by our society since long time ago called gotong royong. Then they decided to initiate a

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