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A Visit from Global TV

Global TV, an Indonesian National television channel, made a visit to MSV Pictures on November 2nd 2016, to report Battle of Surabaya the movie which is attempt to convey the messages of patriotism, humanity and leadership. This report was aired on Buletin Indonesia Siang program on November 10th, the Day of the Heroes.

On the visit, Global TV has a short tour to MSV Pictures area such as animation room, coloring room and background room. Accompanied by the director of Battle of Surabaya and the CEO of MSV Pictures, Aryanto Yuniawan, Global TV crew were also given short explanation of animation movie production.

“We’d like to make animation film which has been dominated by foreign production houses, through bringing out our cultural and historical value, which is the battle happened on November 10th in Surabaya. This war is quite well known throughout England and Europe, however, still many Indonesians do not know about the war. We wanted to tell the story of the battle through animation film,” said Aryanto Yuniawan to Global TV crew. Set during Nove

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