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FFI 2016

Chief Executive Officer of MSV Pictures, Aryanto Yuniawan is one of the juries of Indonesian Film Festival (FFI) 2016 which will be held in Taman Ismail Marzuki in November 6th. The CEO who is also the director of the film the Battle of Surabaya is chosen to be the judge for Non-Theatre Animation Films nomination.

Under the theme of “Unity”, the 36th FFI involves about 200 juries come from different backgrounds. They are cinematography experts, journalists, actors/actresses who won an FFI award or at least a-five-time leading roles and those from association of cinematographers, directors and editors.

This year’s judgment rules, however, are a little different than that of last year’s. For the last couple of years, the juries are divided into two—theatre and non-theatre films—and evaluate only the categories they are in, but this year all juries from both categories will watch all the nominated films and give their opinion regarding those nominees. This decision was made to facilitate the judging system that was thought as imbalance between the two categories. The non-theatre films used to have only a few juries while the theatre category have hundreds which encouraged the committee to make some changes in order to give betterment towards the result.

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