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Trailer Screening of Three Upcoming Films

Trailer screening of a 2D and 3D films produced by MSV Pictures was held in Theatre Room on October 28th 2016 and attended by The CEO of MSV Pictures, representatives from AMIKOM Yogyakarta and all MSV Pictures staff. The films are Akira’s Flying Wheelchair, Ajisaka, and The Prince of the Sea which is planned to be released in 2018.


The first to be screened was a 2D film, Akira’s Flying Wheelchair which is produced in cooperation with Mercury Films. This film tells about the adventure of two friends seeking their way home after flew in their own plane then stranded in a menacing forest. Second film, Ajisaka brings out the cultural theme. It tells about a human named Aji who wants to fight Raksha King for the king tries to destroy the peace in Human land for the sake of his own glory. The Prince of the Sea, the third one, is in cooperation with Vita Studio, Malaysia.


The screening was started with the opening speech by Marco Balsamo, the director of Akira’s Flying Wheelchair, and Mr. Aryanto Yuniawan, the CEO of MSV and director of Ajisaka. After screening, there was question and answer session for each film to facilitate those who want to know more about the film-making process, the story origin or give some critics and suggestions towards the films.

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