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Campusmagz : Battle of Surabaya – The Young Generation’s Motivation

Battle of Surabaya the Movie brings out the motivation of the young generation in being productive, a quotation in the August edition of a High School kids magazine, Campusmagz, explained that the appearance of the animation film which is 100% a product of Indonesian people, promoted enthusiasm and proof that the human resources in Indonesia are able to compete with famous animation works from large foreign animation studios.


And the main idea from the quotation taken from the magazine related to the story of the film Battle of Surabaya is “humanity has become one of the issues that could be accepted universally”. In realization, there are many countries that fight each other and haven’t found a way to make peace. Apart from that, the statement that strengthens the quality of this movie is “the making of Battle of Surabaya adapts Hollywood’s techniques in narration and cinematography, for example in operating the cameraworks using ‘flying panning’ technique; the latest technique to show dramatization.


The magazine also explained the summary of the story and pictured the event in the film Battle of Surabaya. In addition, leader of STMIK AMIKOM, Prof. Suyanto, also mentioned that the film will be played in all cinemas all over Indonesia simultaneously in the coming 2014.

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