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Battle of Surabaya, a Proof of Local Animation’s Excellence

Animation works by Indonesian animators is starting to appear on the internet and many have amazed people. Although it keeps in store a promising potential, the industry of animation in Indonesia doesn’t have much yet to speak for itself.


Liputan 6 SCTV, on Saturday (27/7/2013), mentioned about the battle animation that appeared on Youtube which was the film trailer with the title Battle of Surabaya. This film is made by a group of young people in Sleman, Special District of Yogyakarta, who are united in Mataram Surya Visa or MSV. This film tells a story of a messenger during the battle of November 10 in Surabaya, East Java. Although it hasn’t been released, this film has achieved many awards.


Although the Indonesian animators own excellent potentials, the fact is that the animation industry in Indonesia doesn’t have much yet to speak for itself. Many constraints still have to be faced. Among them is the lack of support from the government. Not surprising, many professional animators then choose to help animation film production outside the country, such as in Malaysia.


“Perhaps the support from the government isn’t enough. Different from Malaysia, the animation filmmakers there are embraced,” said producer of animation film Battle of Surabaya, Adi Djayusman.

If the filmmaking process of Battle of Surabaya is done, this film will become the first 2D animation film that is made by Indonesian people.


The Indonesian animators also contributed in making the animation film Transformers 4 (made in Indonesia version). One day, in a neigh

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