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Animation Film ‘Battle of Surabaya’ at Baros Festival, Jakarta : A variety of   animation films made by Indonesian people is displayed in the Baros International Animation Festival in Cimahi, West Java. In this event, animators from various countries also showed their skills in animating.


On Liputan 6 Petang SCTV, Saturday (26/10/2013), the animation film Battle of Surabaya that adapted the battle of November 10, 1945 in Surabaya amazed the audience. The film that tells the story of a messenger in the war is a work made by a group of young people from Sleman, Special District of Yogyakarta, who are united in Mataram Surya Visi or MSV.


The animation film Battle of Surabaya which was also displayed in the international animation festival in Cimahi, West Java, seized the attention of the participants. Moreover, the film that has been talked about a lot after appearing on the internet achieved a number of awards.


The international animation festival was joined by animators from various countries such as the Netherlands, the Phillipines, and Egypt, displaying their works. The event conceived by Cimahi Creative Association received a good response from the visitors, especially the animation lovers. Visitors could also see the process of animation making and gain knowledge on the process of animation works.


“We could also learn a lot from participants from other countries in making an animation film. It’s exciting,” said Fitri.

The participants have hopes for the international animation festival held on 23-26 October 2013 will be held again the coming year. (Adi/Sss)

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