Musa was a 13-year-old child. After the death of his father, he lived alone with his mother in a modest house on the outskirt of Surabaya. To help the family economy, he worked as shoeshine boy. It was this profession that brought him into the new adventure of the thrilling stories as a messenger of secret messages from the partisans of the nation.


This Chinese girl was an independent character. A hard life made her a resolute and strong teenager. Meeting with Musa had turned her life into a more colorful journey. But, her love to her homeland made her turn away from her past and join to struggle to defend independence


A 26-year-old dashing young man grew up in a chaotic atmosphere due to war. His wrong prespective about the state of this country often resulted in wrong desicions. However, events by events made him realize. Finally, he felt compelled to fight againts the invaders.